Read the text below carefully so we can steer you towards the best application form for you; do pick the correct one as this will give you the best chance of being selected for projects.

1. For all Supporting Artistes  

2. for SPACT/Police  

3. for Military

Note: most people will use Form 1.


Supporting Artistes

This is the form for all our supporting artistes. We will search all books equally for suitable roles - if you have served in the military, the police force or are actively training for the stunt register, please look at the other options. Everyone else, please use this application form! 



SPACT and Police

This application form is for all those that have served in the Police Force or who are qualified Stunts, in training for the stunt register (or those with lots of SPACT experience). If you have served in the military, please use the next form - you will still have access to SPACT/Stunt questions.



If you have served in the military then use this form. Do NOT use this form if you have only played military roles in film or TV. This is for those who have actually served (don't worry, you can also let us know about your firearms experience in the Supporting Artistes form).