Do you want to be a film and television Extra/Supporting Artiste?

If so, please check if you comply with the following questions. If you do, please follow the link below, or at the top right of this page:


Do these apply to you?:

  1. I am legally entitled to work in the UK
  2. I possess a National Insurance number
  3. I am flexible with my work commitments (I have free days/weekends)
  4. I understand film work can start very early and finish very late
  5. I am reliable and have a professional work attitude
  6. I want to be involved in feature films, television and commercials


If you can reply YES to all of the above, then apply below! Please also read the How It Works and the guide to On-Set-Etiquette before to find out more.

I just wanted to thank you so much for the work you did on “World War Z”. The advice you gave on the aircraft carrier was extremely important to us and gave us the realism that we wanted. Your leadership and knowledge of proper military procedure helped us organize a shoot of a deck full of civilians, aircraft and crew; and you answered all my myriad of questions! Working with you was a pleasure.
— Academy Award Winner John Nelson, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor, "World War Z"

Some Random (but important) Notes:

  • Clear, well lit, recent photographs will help you get the best work. These photos may be viewed by the director/assistant director - make sure they look like an actors casting photographs, rather than holiday snaps
  • Make sure you read the Terms & Conditions carefully.
  • Reliability is key - if you don't show up to a booked job, you will unlikely get to work in this industry again!
  • Many of our supporting artistes have ended up with their faces on the big screen/featured roles/dialogue etc. If you want film experience, extras work is a fantastic way to get it.
  • It can take up to 4-6 weeks to get paid. Sometimes more. If this is an issue, this industry may not be right for you.
  • Whilst the work environments can be tough (there can be lots of waiting around on set with little happening), it  can also be incredibly exciting and rewarding - working alongside film stars on big budget features!
  • You may not be suitable for all roles - productions sometimes have very specific look/measurement requirements. Sometimes they have limited costume sizes. Don't worry though, there are roles out there for everyone!
  • Whilst we have specialised in military and action roles, we need ALL looks, ages, shapes and sizes. You don't need military/action experience to register!
  • If you don't fill your profile in completely, you may not get selected. We often search by certain criteria - for example, if you haven't filled in that you are available in London, or Bristol etc then you won't be considered for jobs in those areas..
  • Even if you let us know you are available for a job, it may be that you don't get selected. If you are selected, you will receive a message stating you are booked. Once this happens you are committed to that job (unless you communicate to us otherwise in good time).